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Female athletes are competing in more sports today than ever before. Many sports are open to girls today, and there are far greater opportunities than were available in the past. As a result, there are more girls involved in sports today. It is important for the people in these girls’ lives to empower them so that they succeed. Take a look at ways to support female athletes. 

  1. Teach Them to Speak Their Minds

It is important to make sure that female athletes can speak up and say what they need. They should be confident enough to tell a coach to stop if the coach is treating them in a demeaning way. If an adult is inappropriate, they need to know that they have support and can count on the adults in their lives to help them. 

  1. Teach Them to Lead

Female athletes need to know that girls can be leaders. The adults in their lives can model this behavior by showing leadership qualities, especially during practices, handling wins and losses, and more. The best way for female athletes to become leaders is by being around adults who empower them and show them what leadership looks like. 

  1. Teach Them to Be Brave

As much as parents want to fight battles for their daughters, they need to allow them to stand up for themselves. The opportunity to do so will help female athletes build confidence and resilience, which will help them in all aspects of their lives. They will learn how to stand up for themselves so that people aren’t able to push them around or pressure them into doing something they don’t want to do. 

  1. Show That You Believe in Them

Make sure that female athletes know that you support them and believe in their abilities. This is critical for building confidence, and it will help them learn to take risks and get outside of their comfort zones. They will be stronger if they have the support of the adults in their lives. 

  1. Don’t Focus on Their Looks

Female athletes should build confidence based on their ability to work hard and achieve success, not based on how they look. The self-confidence they develop comes from a combination of successes and failures, and the resilience that they develop. Focusing on their looks can cause them to use that as a measure of self-worth, which can be harmful in the end.