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Hugh B. Clarke


From humble beginnings to serving as Tupac Shakur’s attorney, to his popularity as a district judge, Hugh B. Clarke has had a stellar career to say the least.

Judge Clarke is a Detroit native dedicated to enacting positive change throughout his community. 

Growing up in Detroit in the midst of the infamous riots made a lasting impression on Hugh. From the start, he made education an absolute priority. Hugh was as well-rounded as a student can be. From performing regularly in school talent shows to training hard on the baseball field, Hugh held true to his passions to ensure he not only succeeded but excelled in multiple areas. 

As he got older and graduated from high school, criminal justice and community transformation were at the forefront of his mind. As a result, Hugh B. Clarke made it his life’s goal to improve the lives of those in the close-knit community he loved. 

After earning his Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Oakland Community College, Hugh immediately enrolled at Wayne State University. Several years later, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and felt ready to take on whatever obstacles lay ahead. 

Obstacles soon emerged and forced him to reassess his career path. Due to a lack of city funding, his goal of joining the police force was derailed, but that didn’t stop Hugh Clarke. To further his career and stay true to his goals, he enrolled in Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Hugh B. Clarke’s first professional position was with the Michigan State Senate where he analyzed legislative bills and rewrote several portions of the Code of Criminal Procedure to help improve the lives of those affected. 

Over the course of several years Mr. Clarke assisted on cases involving workers’ compensation, injuries, and other worthy causes. He then began to take on more responsibility and larger cases involving compensation defense, civil litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, and divorce estates. 

Once Mr. Clarke amassed enough experience working for other firms, he decided to found his own. It quickly grew into a successful business and expanded to include other partners to ensure their caseload could continue to grow and thrive. From there, Hugh Clarke’s career continued on an upward trajectory. He earned an appointment as Judge on the 54-A Judicial District Court in Lansing, Michigan and won two elections afterwards before deciding to retire. 

Outside of his judicial and litigation duties, Hugh is extremely involved in his community. He has been on several committees including the Equal Access to Justice Committee, Committee on Character and Fitness, and several bar associations throughout Michigan. 

Perhaps more than anything else, Hugh B. Clarke prioritizes education and the positive role it can play in creating opportunities for everyone within a community. He frequently guest lectures at bar associations, police academies, churches, and school districts on the importance of education, techniques for effectively testifying in court, and preventing corruption in politics. 

His efforts don’t stop there. Throughout his career he always made time to volunteer or lend his expert opinion to organizations furthering worthy causes. Hugh B. Clarke held positions on the board of education in Lansing, ensured diversity was made a priority in local government, coached youth baseball leagues, and actively participated in his son’s school by joining the Parent Teacher Association.

Visit Hugh’s business and entrepreneurship site to learn more about his work!

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