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The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States and is growing globally. Fans just getting acclimated with the game often love the rivalries. But which are the best in the history of the NFL? Here are some of the most notable and memorable.

Packers Versus Bears

There is nothing this rivalry lacks. Legendary players. Legendary coaches. Championships. And a lot of legendary games between the two. The series is about as even as it gets, too, with the Packers holding a slight edge at 99-95-6 all-time.

Falcons Versus Saints

This may not make some people’s lists, but things have changed for both franchises over the past two decades. Prior to that, both teams were somewhat lackluster. Now? Both are offensive powerhouses that can light up a scoreboard, particularly against one another. There may be no more fun rivalry than Saints-Falcons.

Bills Versus Dolphins

The 1990s in the NFL were marked by a few notable things. For one, it was the dominance of quarterback Dan Marino. For two, it was the dominance of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills rose out of obscurity in the late 1980s to challenge the Dolphins at the top of the AFC, on their way to four-consecutive Super Bowl appearances to start the 1990s.

Chiefs Versus Raiders

One of the NFL’s old-school rivalries, the teams hated one another before they even got to the NFL. The Chiefs saw early success, making it to the initial Super Bowl in 1966. But it was the Raiders who would become the leader in the 1970s. Since then, both franchises have had issues but the Chiefs are now one of the most dominant in the league today thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Ravens Versus Steelers

This rivalry has become perhaps the face of the AFC in recent years. These two teams are always hard-nosed, strong teams that come to a head each time that they play. They have dominated the AFC North for the past decade, challenging one another for the title each year.