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People often wonder what sports business is. It is any industry where you are involved in sports as a role rather than a player or person on the field. This includes legal teams, marketing, sponsorship, broadcasting, finance, event management, and more. It includes any position that is not on the field. The key is to have some of the necessary skills for one of these fields:

  • Sales
  • Designing
  • Contracting
  • Negotiating
  • Creative ideas
  • Promoting
  • Publicizing
  • Writing and presenting
  • Researching
  • Digital and social media

If you have any of these skills, you can find a career in sports. 

Business Groups for Sports Careers

There are four basic business groups where you will find most jobs in sports. First, there are rights holders. This includes sports events, federations, athletes, and teams. For example, FIFA is a rights holder for the FIFA World Cup. 

Another business role is brands. This includes sports brands such as Nike, EA Sport, and other brands that aren’t in sports, but they are major sponsors, such as Visa. These companies hire people who oversee their sport partnerships. 

Agencies include every discipline, and they have jobs in sponsorship, design, legal, broadcasting, athlete management, and more. 

Finally, the media covers sports and its events. This includes television, press, social media, and other online outlets.

What Kind of Job Can You Get?

If you have any of the skills above, there are many different jobs that you can get. First, you need to identify your skills. If you are a writer, you can get a job writing about sports. You might work for a newspaper or a television station. You could manage a social media campaign for a team. You could even work at the local level in youth sports or many other sports.

You could also work in the front office for a team, where they have a legal department, a management department, and more. You could work in an administrative role. You need to take your skills and your interests and look for a job in one of the sports industries that fits with your skills.